We’re sad to say there will not be a King Street Shop Walk this year.

Note: We are not involved with any other events marketed as similar to the King Street Shop Walk.  If you were a proud supporter of the King Street Shop Walk in the past, we’d love it if you would support your community with the money you would have spent on a shop walk ticket by donating to the Center for Women. 

WHAT: A King Street Shop Walk “no-show” fundraiser!

WHEN: We aren’t planning an event, so don’t mark your calendar.

WHERE: You can support your community from the comfort of your own home by donating to the Center for Women

WHY: Our King Street Shop Walk event is on hiatus. Even though we won’t be hitting up King Street, we continue to support our community now more than ever.

HOW: Click below to make a donation and know that 100% of every dollar you donate goes directly to the Center for Women.


King Stree Shop Walk Photos


docent prodigy event photography charleston king street shop walk-2


King Street Shop Walk 2012-IMG_6574